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What is the SME Evolution Program (SMEEP)?

Posted by Shadi Banna on

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What motivates entrepreneurs? The strong belief that there are untapped opportunities out there, that they can discover, shape, polish and grow for the benefit of their environment, the wider community and – why not – the entire world.

Entrepreneurs are not common thinkers.

They challenge the status quo around them, producing a spark, a business idea that solves a need in the market turning it into a business venture. Behind every large organization, there was a small or medium business. Behind every small or medium business, there was a startup!

And behind every startup, there was a business innovation created by an entrepreneur. However, this is no easy process.

Entrepreneurs want to grow their business bigger, but do not always have the skills, knowledge, and resources that will help them do so.

Only 1 out of 10 businesses make it to the medium-to-large scale, yet some of the remaining 9 are initially backed by brilliant innovations and hardworking entrepreneurs! A lot of barriers prevent businesses from scaling, including the daily clutter, the one-man-does-it-all un-scalable model, cash flow problems, not reaching enough clients, and more.

Imagine how far entrepreneurs can reach and how much they can contribute to the economic landscape if they were given tools and resources to help them grow their businesses! A business in expansion means more jobs, more demand, more supply, more transactions, more production and more innovation. This is what the world needs now!

And this is what the SME Evolution program is all about.

It is about reaching out to those entrepreneurs who have established businesses and providing them with tools and resources that will help grow their business.
It is about connecting those lead entrepreneurs to each other and to a bigger ecosystem, where they can expand their business horizons, where they can identify a way to express their needs and get answers to them; where they realize their potential.
Entrepreneurs and partners, welcome to the Potential's SME Evolution Program and join us in the business revolution!
We extend our thanks to all partners and sponsors who made this innovative program happen and enable us all to give back to the communities in which we operate.
Yours sincerely, Shadi Banna | CEO | potential.com 


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