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Digital Marketing Strategy - Guide

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Build your 2018 Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy and practice have undergone dramatic changes in the past ten years, and the pace of evolution is only getting faster.

Major technical advances, including the explosion of the internet and mobile devices, have had a major impact on buyers and the marketers who serve them.

To thrive in this new digital age, even to survive, marketers must develop new strategies and practices better suited to today’s new environment.

In this practical guide, we will take you through a step by step process to building your Digital Marketing Strategy.

The Table of Contents Includes: 

  1. Chapter One: Components of a Marketing Plan
  2. Chapter Two: Elements of a Digital Marketing Plan
  3. Chapter Three: Key Marketing Metrics
  4. Chapter Four: Email Marketing Strategies and Tactics
  5. Chapter Five: How to Get Social Media Results
  6. Chapter Six: Search Engine Optimization Strategies
  7. Chapter Seven: Making Money: Revenue Generation Models
  8. Conclusion: Learn More