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Expand your Professional Services Business - Online Course & Support

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A Step by Step Guide to Help you Expand Your Consulting, Coaching, Graphic Design, Media or other Professional Services Business.

We developed this course and services to support professional services businesses in scaling

As part of the SME evolution program, we have gathered experts and thought leaders from around the world to share their views on how you can expand your business. 

Through the course, we aim to provide a simple playlist of videos that provide practical tips on essential business expansion principles with a focus on the professional services industry.

The playlist is supported by a set of resources that would be available to you including case studies, tools, and templates.

In addition to that, one of our experts would be assigned to support you with course questions that you may have. Consider them your personal coach! 

This Online Course and support service is provided by www.potential.com as part of our Real World Education series. This set of content is ideally suited for SMEs and Business Owners because of its practical nature.  

The course curriculum is designed to support you in quickly applying what you learn. 

In this course, we will take you through the process of setting up your strategy and then follow through to execute that strategy.  

                  • Set your Professional Services Growth Strategy. Set your mission and goals for the year and learn how to evaluate if your strategy is good enough
                  • Developing your Innovation Process to Help Scale your Services. Since you have focused your strategy, you can start going through the innovation process to come up with an innovative service 
                  • Essential Leadership Skills to drive your Strategy and Innovation Process. What are the essential skills you need a leader to motivate and energize everyone around you to execute your strategy and innovative service
                  • Empowering the Team Around you to help you implement your Strategy. How do you develop your team and delegate to them so that you can scale and implement your vision
                  • Launching an Effective Marketing Campaign to Promote Your Innovation. Now that you have come up with your innovative service and your team is ready to support you, how do you market it to your prospects
                  • Developing your Team's Sales Skills to Increase your Services Sales. You and your team need to quickly explain the benefits of your service to an Enterprise Client so that you can convince them to buy it
                  • Key Legal Documents you Need to have in Place to Protect Your Investments. Learn what are the essential legal documents you need to have in place to put a good services implementation contract in place
                  • Financial Metrics You Need to track to ensure the health of Your Business. Identify the essential financial metrics that you need to have in place to ensure that you have a healthy services business
                  • Key Project Management Considerations to keep in mind when Implementing Your Services. Implement your projects cost-effectively, within the agreed budget and time. Be careful of key issues that could make your project overshoot in time or budget
                  • What Are the Technology Tools you can Use to Improve your Business Performance? How to stay light and efficient in your services business is key for growth and scalability. Learn about these essential online tools that could support you
                  • 4 Considerations to Keep in Mind When Talking to Funders When you Want to Expand your Business. What do investors or banks look for when you approach them for funding. Be prepared with the right metrics, and financial reports to impress them and make it easy for them to fund you.

                      Here's a sample video from one of the course module videos in course content: 


                      All videos aim to provide practical learning that you can put into action. Over 1 hour of practical video content, supported by cases and additional resources.

                      Potential.com Online Course Methodology

                      In addition to the course, you would be assigned with a coach that can answer up to 5 of your most pressing expansion questions. You will also be invited to attend a webinar on the topic which gives you an opportunity to ask questions and interact. 

                      Participant Reviews and Media Coverage

                      The SME Evolution program has been running since 2010 and continues to expand and adapt to provide the needed support for entrepreneurs. Below is a small fraction of the feedback and coverage, we have received over the years.

                      SME Evolution Program on Bloomberg

                      Here's some of the feedback that we have received from previous participants in the program:

                      “We would like to thank every person who contributed in the development of this program” – Tarig Hamad Alrweily, Rawafed Almaamar Contracting Company

                      “Provided me with a unique chance to discuss business issues and topics with top managers where I can leverage my experience and bene t from the experience of the others” – Kamel El Ghossainy, SPAN Supply Chain Solutions a division of SPAN Group

                      “Amazing job!” - S. Rizwan Shah, Shahjee Supplies

                      “Keep up the good effort” – Mahmoud Yassin, United Group Enterprises

                      “The program is very good overall” – Qassim M. Al Ghanim, Unifco W.L.L.

                      “Speakers are really good” - Gurpreet Ahuja, Spanco Golden Key Solutions W.L.L.

                      Below you can find some publicity that the program has gathered over the years:

                      SME Advisor: Potential.com set to launch the new edition of its SME Evolution Program.

                      SME Evolution Program Launch Dubai

                      ITP Net: Potential launches Arabic SME Evolution Programme. Free web-based programme designed to aid SMEs to improve business efficiency

                      SME Evolution Program Launch - KSA - Saudi Arabia

                      Albawaba: RSA partners with Potential.com in SME program.

                      SME Evolution Program Launch - Qatar

                      Partners that have supported and been part of the program included the best of the best: 

                      SME Evolution Program Sponsors

                      and many others including, Microsoft, Visa, the World Bank, Etisalat, Linkedin, HSBC, PepsiCo ...

                      Don't miss out on this opportunity to grow your professional services business.

                      When you purchase the course, you would be assigned one of our coaches who would guide you through the online course and be able to answer your questions.

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                      If you are not 100% satisfied, with purchase for any reason, we would gladly refund your investment - no questions asked. Just send an email to support@potential.com and the team would do the rest. 

                      What are you waiting for?

                      Give your team the tools to be successful in 2020!  

                      Make use of this subsidized online course and support service to grow your professional services business. 

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