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About Us

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At Potential, we develop innovative learning solutions to fuel the world's ambition. By merging education and technology, we empower millions of professionals, entrepreneurs, and organizations from around the world to perform at their very best.

Founded in 2005, Potential began life as a coaching and training consultancy, helping leading international organizations to maximize performance, meet critical business challenges, and position themselves for long-term sustainable success.

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Realizing the potential of learning on the internet, Potential quickly evolved to become a pioneer in educational technology and a leading destination for online learning across emerging markets.

Our team members who are located in the San Francisco, Dubai, and Beirut.

Over the years, we have developed an extensive library of Real World Educational content that is focused on supporting people in realizing their business and business success. 


Potential Course LIbrary

We have launched since 2009 a host of startup and SME development programs with the flagship SME evolution program bringing together over 300,000 small and medium businesses from around the world. 

We have created this shop of products and services to support you by providing you with tools and resources that will help grow your business.

Our platform is about connecting those lead entrepreneurs to each other and to a bigger ecosystem, where they can expand their business horizons, where they can identify a way to express their needs and get answers to them; where they realize their potential.