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Build your CSR Strategy Face to Face Workshop & Support

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An In-Person Workshop to Help you Develop your CSR Strategy and Launch a High Impact Initiative.

We developed this workshop to help you create Impact, Efficiently, Effectively and allow your company to Contribute to the UN SDGs. 

As part of Potential.com's work with the United Nations on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and our experience in running hundreds of Empowerment Program for governments and leading brands, we want to share with organizations this experience to speed up the SDG's implementation.

Workshop logistical details:

  • Date: 2nd and 3rd of November, 2018
  • Time: 2 pm till 6 pm on Friday the 2nd, and 10 am till 2 pm on Saturday the 3rd
  • Location: Potential Offices, Knowledge Village Block 17, Dubai, UAE  

Workshop outcomes:

Through this practical 2 day workshop, CEOs and/or Corporate Social Responsibility Managers can practically and effectively learn and implement:

  • How to develop a CSR strategy that aligns with the SDGs
  • Identify the SDGs that you can have the biggest impact on
  • Design a CSR program that delivers measurable impact
  • Build the CSR program's online setup using Potential.com's online platform

What you'll get in addition to the workshop: 

In addition to the workshop and in line with Potential.com's leading Real World Education you will receive a set of pre-workshop and post-workshop resources and tools to help you make the most of your learning. This includes: 

  • CSR Strategy Whitepaper and set of relevant online courses (worth $180)
  • A post-workshop coaching session to ensure you are able to apply the learning (worth $300)
  • 50% off the basic online empowerment platform setup and hosting if you wish to use it in your organization (worth $5,000)
  • A set of resources that would be available to you including case studies, tools, and templates. 

The workshop facilitators: 

To provide you with a wide set of expertise, we will bring together over 100 years of social and economic impact expertise represented through 4 facilitators including: 

  • Linda Elawar - main facilitator and consultant (over 20 years of experience in development work)
  • Shadi Banna - sharing experience through economic empowerment (current CEO potential.com)
  • Ziad Matar - sharing experience on impact through connectivity (former  Qualcomm Director)
  • Khaled Adas - sharing experience in Youth Development (former Intel Director)

The workshop content: 

The agenda of the 2-day workshop will include: 

  • What is Corporate Social Responsibility
  • What are the UN SDGs
  • The Business Case for CSR
  • Types of CSR Initiatives
    • Design a CSR Structure: Nine Essential Steps
    • Aligning your CSR with UN SDGs
    • 7 Steps to Creating Value Through CSR
    • Tapping External CSR Experts and building sustainable ecosystems
    • Sustaining your CSR work


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