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Website, Social Media, Email, Marketing Video and 1 Year Hosting

Regular price $900.00

The most efficient and effective way to get your SME business online. 

The solution includes:

  • A domain name for your business
  • A simple 4 tab template-based website
  • A business email linked to the domain
  • A Microsoft teams online conference account 
  • Social media set up on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram
  • A marketing video for your business
  • 2 images that could be used in your business
  • 3 sample social media posts with hashtags
  • Sample marketing campaign with lead generation form
  • Google Analytics for your business
  • 1 year hosting for your web presence
  • 3 updates during the year to the content on the website
  • 2 coaching sessions

Whether you have a great idea, or you have an existing business that you want to expand online, this bundle of products and 1on1 consulting services will provide you with a step by step guide to launching your online presence.

Services and Courses are provided through leading experts and content in www.potential.com

This bundle of products, courses, and one-on-one support will be your fastest and most efficient way to get online. 

The evolve your business course will be the first step to guide you through the process and after completing the 30-minute course online we would get in touch to schedule the first expert coaching session. You will have access to the other courses on demand for a period of 1 year and can schedule the next coaching session within another 2 months. The products and solutions are worth over $900. 

For a limited time only we will be offering the bundle at a special rate of $360 (saving over 60%)

This special offer is part of our efforts to support Startups and Small and Medium Businesses which we have been doing since 2005. 

If you are not happy with the support and content of the program, you are entitled to a money-back guarantee from www.potential.com. No questions asked - just send us an email to support@potential.com and our team will handle the refund.